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Frequently Asked Questions


Does IPL permanently remove hair?

Unlike a traditional laser, that has a single wavelength (colour), an IPL has a spectrum of colour that interacts with multiple structures in the skin and multiple hair colours and thicknesses. The light is transferred to the hair root to permanently destroy it without burning the skin.

What happens/What does it feel like?

The treatment area is cleansed and a cooling gel is applied. Then applicator head is applied systematically over the skin. Most people experience an instant warmth and depending on the area, may feel what has been described as an elastic band 'pinging' the skin. It is non-invasive with no downtime and very little (if any) sensitivity/irritation afterward. The size of the applicator heads are comparatively large in size meaning that treatment sessions are very quick. For example underarm hair removal is approximately 10 minutes and full legs 30-45 minutes.

How many sessions of IPL do you need?

Depending on the treatment and the type/severity of the skin condition, desired affects can be achieved in as little as 1-2 treatments (for example photo-rejuvenation/spider veins) or 4-10 treatments for other conditions such as Acne scarring and permanent hair removal.

Can I wax or pluck my hair in between treatments?

Shaving is totally fine, but plucking or waxing hair after your laser hair removal treatment hinders the process. Your unwanted hair needs to fall out on its own in order to see the best results

Do you shave before IPL?

For IPL to be effective, the hair needs to be present in the hair follicle. Shaving is the best method between sessions and is recommended 1-2 days prior to treatment. 

How Long Does it Take To Heal After IPL? Post treatment a little cooling cream is applied to the area then makeup can be used right away after the treatment, as long as it is applied and removed very gently. For freckles and age spots, it is normal for the spots to look darker for 3-7 days post treatment and then they begin to fade.


Bright future Lasers

Bright Future Lasers uses fourth generation Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat skin conditions and remove hair.

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